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Alistair: So those… designs you have all over your back…
Zevran: They’re called tattoos. And I have them in many more places than just on my back, my friend.
Alistair: Err… right. I hear that someone gets those by having needles put the ink under your skin?
Zevran: A great many needles, amongst other things. Yes, that would be true.
Alistair: Didn’t that hurt?
Zevran: Ohhh, yes, yes. But it is not so bad, in truth. If you like, I could give you one. I learned a bit of the art myself in Antiva.
Alistair: Oh, no. No, I don’t think so.
Zevran: Come, it will just be a small one. Perhaps the symbol of the Grey Wardens? Something manly! Where are my needles?
Alistair: Um… maybe some other time. I’m… I’m going to go stand over here, now.


Alistair: I’ve been thinking about those ink drawings, what did you call them? Tattoos? Are you… still willing to do one?
Zevran: Oh-ho! You’ve decided to take the plunge, have you? What is a little pain, am I right?
Alistair: I’m not worried about that. I think they look interesting, though I’d want mine… smaller. When can you do it?
Zevran: Not so fast, my friend. There is an entire ritual to how this is done, do you not know? First I need to bathe you in a mixture of olives and rosewater.
Alistair: You need to… bathe me? That seems… odd.
Zevran: No, no, no, not at all. It needs to be worked into your skin, preparing it to receive the ink. The massage is quite pleasurable, do not worry. You are in good hands.
Alistair: The… massage? You’re… having me on, aren’t you?
Zevran: I might be. I might not be. Shall I describe the rest of the ritual to you?
Alistair: Hmm. No. No, on second thought I’ll just pass.
Zevran: *Laughs* Excellent choice!